Amazing Festival Volunteer Shout-out!

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

Media and Story Team:

Herman Cheng

Meri Macia

Jenna Hebb

Jeanne Chen

Sasha Van Wire

From Day one we knew to be able to reflect Eco Eats story was important. Within three days we gathered a team who cared, understood the value and where to send the message to. We mixed roles from research, lead generation, organize and develop content. With a mixture of introductions and ingenuity, we're able to open doors of where Eco Eats story can go beyond the media channels already funneled such as Daily Hive, Metro Vancouver News, Roundhouse Radio, Breakfast Television and many more! Herman brings experience from his Georgia Straight background, Meri has worked with Tranlsink marketing in Spain, Jenna recently finished a graduate literature program. Jeanne Chen is a local foodie Instagram influence and Sasha brings deep and intuitive writing skills to the table and assisted the press release for Eco Eats and African Descent Festival.

Community Recruitment Team

Shikhar Nautiyal

Abraham Lyiola, 

Pauline Johnson

The community team reached out to Eco Eats previous and new business partners to join the festival for both days. Shikhar and Abrahm worked on the food businesses while Pauline Johnson worked with Park Board Staff and Charities. A great connection with Shikhar is that Jennae reached out to Shikhar while seeing he volunteered with the City of Vancouver Program to end homeless. Inspired and first to learn about it she struck up a conversation and keeps in touch while he continues studies at Capilano University.

Performance Analytics Team

Trevor Quon

Trevor recently joined with just 11 days to go the Festival and aims to stay with the team to review, monitor and provide assistance with how Eco Eats Community and business Engagement can be of better service and look at ways to quantify the process. He's done consulting before for social impact companies and non-profits and was drawn to the community impact Eco Eats offers with people and the planet.

Event Production Team

Benas Lukas

Hazim Naji 

Milad Hp

Rodrigo Auguiar

Matt Kozazkowski

+75 Festival Volunteers!

The event production team are there to excite, communicate and engage people with Eco Eats High version QR Code Demo App. This means people get to experience the shopping look and feel of the app, then enter their email addresses at the end to stay in touch and join the launch. For the Festival the app will be available! Stay tuned and check out as more great things finalize together.


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