Presentation at Terminal City Club!

We are proud to be doing another presentation at Terminal City Club this month!

On behalf of the a well established Discussion Group with business members,  we get to meet, have fun and offer a presentation to help spread the want to learn more about Eco Eats and how we can make an impact together. 

Here is some of our Presentation Tips!

1) Be comfortable. 

2) Be you and discover the Group Flow. 

3) Share something they do not know and be honest when your discovering something new. 

4) Make it practical, simple and helpful. 5) Leave a good feeling and opportunity to re-connect in the future. 

6) Keep in mind everyone is trying to do something. And you may be able to help them.

7) Share a vision and show the steps. 

That is our quick tips and we hope you enjoyed them! 


What People Say

Food is the source of life and healthy diets. And this is great because uneaten food is accessible to non-profits organizations. 

— Zuki Rose

I love how I can look for a place to eat based on what I feel like.  On top of that it offers various easy features and restaurant information.

— Rissalat Kapdi

— Joseph Litman

It  promotes values on how we treat our food, thus emphasizing value on how we view and treat each  other as human beings. 

It's great  because we need more healthy and convenient food options in the city.  And its super user friendly, great colors, welcoming and easy to use. 

— Laurence Taboada

Holistic Nutrition Coach

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Eco Eats 

Our eco-friendly platform that brings good food you love. Our values are core to our organization to make the world a better place and we do it in a creative and innovative way that makes finding great food easy and fun to eat! In addition, we help connect extra food to a non-profit community partner in a safe way nearby.




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