Special Guest to Women's Economic Forum New Platform!

Meet Weconomie!

Earlier this fall Eco Eats team was glad to be part of a special preview of Women's Economic Forum 'sister' platform called Weconomie. It's a great tool where communities, businesses and women connect. The website is designed to empower entrepreneurs at various stages to the resources they need to advance their mission and business. Their vision is economic security for every women and are still in beta for across Canada. You can sign-up now and be part of the journey here at


What People Say

Food is the source of life and healthy diets. And this is great because uneaten food is accessible to non-profits organizations. 

— Zuki Rose

I love how I can look for a place to eat based on what I feel like.  On top of that it offers various easy features and restaurant information.

— Rissalat Kapdi

— Joseph Litman

It  promotes values on how we treat our food, thus emphasizing value on how we view and treat each  other as human beings. 

— Laurence Taboada

Holistic Nutrition Coach

It's great  because we need more healthy and convenient food options in the city.  And its super user friendly, great colors, welcoming and easy to use. 

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